Author: Deborah Tayloe

Top 3 Causes of Falling for Senior Citizens

Our population is aging. Baby boomers are now active and vital senior citizens. The generation is choosing to age at home. This means that seniors are staying home for longer than ever before. While aging in the home is a beautiful experience for families, it’s also fraught with hazards to those who aren’t as spry as they once were. Here are the top 3 in-home hazards for senior citizens.   Senior Citizens and the Danger of Falling What sends emergency sends more senior citizens to the hospital each year? I bet you’re guessing heart attacks. However, falling is the...

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5 Ways To Create DIY Christmas Decor Featuring Glass Accessories

DIY Christmas decorating is easy when you are featuring glass accessories as part of the overall theme. Think about it, and it makes sense! We dream of a white Christmas, implore to heaven to let it snow, and dash through the snow on a one-horse open sleigh. At every turn, we are inspired to decorate to mimic the sparkling shine of ice and fluffy white blankets of snow.  There’s no better way to achieve this cool and frosty look than by clear glass to mimic ice and white glass to represent the snow. Using glass accessories, you can achieve...

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DIY Projects That Make the Home Safe For Senior Citizens

If you are helping your elderly parents stay in their home longer, you must review this list of DIY projects that make the home safe for senior citizens. As the worldwide population ages, we are not always prepared to face the challenges of caring for an aging parent. In fact, many seniors are living longer. Of course, they want to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. But is their home always safe? Many aging people (and their children) have not prepared the home to be safe for a senior citizen. Take a weekend and review...

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