Are you an outdoor person who enjoys staying outdoors but the weather is slowing you down? We have the perfect solution to your problem. A patio heater. With one, you can add warmth to your outdoor expeditions as if it’s summer.

Don’t just keep this to yourself, you can also warm up your patio when friends and family come over to add that oomph to your hosting. Restaurants are also warming up (no pun) to the idea of using a patio heater. It, therefore, goes without saying that Patio heaters can easily be incorporated into any outdoor setting.

There are different types of patio heaters to choose from depending on your taste and of course your budget.  You will also encounter some various brands in the market. We tackle all this in our guide on Patio heaters.

We also make sure you choose the best patio heater for your home by giving you the factors you should consider when getting a patio heater. It does not end here, a thorough review of the top five Patio heaters in the market is also in this guide. There is no way you will buy the wrong heater after reading this. Let’s get to it, shall we?

  • AZ Patio Heater
  • Price: See Here
  • It heats up the entire patio
  • It is safe and consumer friendly
  • It has a compact, modern design
  • Fire Sense
  • Price: See Here
  • Durability paired with a one-year warranty
  • Easy to start
  • AmazonBasics
  • Price: See Here
  • Compatible with various patio decoration styles
  • Easy to use Piezo ignition system
  • High heat output level




The AZ Patio Heater is designed with an easy access door making it very convenient to use. It is also made of a quartz glass tube that is made of two pieces.

This device has a heat rating of 40,000 BTU’s and has a variable control meaning you can regulate the temperature of the heater. It is also fitted with wheels on its bottom to help you move it from one spot to another.

Safety comes first, hence, the AZ Patio Heater has an anti-tilt safety device. Moreover, it is approved by the CSA and is compatible with a heat regulator and a 20lb Propane Tank too. However, these are sold separately.

The AZ Patio Heater is 89 inches tall and rigged with detailed decorations making it ideal for design fanatics. Its 40,000 BTU capability is enough to keep every occupant on the patio warm and cozy.

The propane tank for this heater is placed in a special compartment in its base and is accessible through a special door. This keeps it out of sight from children and pets. Moreover, the heater has a convenient tank attachment that allows you to replace the propane tank when it is empty.

Replacement parts for the AZ Patio Heater are easily available. Thus, you can be sure of reliable service from the manufacturer for many years after purchase.

AZ Patio Heaters


 The screws on the AZ Patio Heater rust too quickly. Moreover, the wing nuts on the top part of the heater also rust fast.

 It looks really nice with the flame emerging from the tube in the upper compartment. However, it does not produce as much heat as advertised even with the highest setting.

 The product sometimes arrives with no instructions in the box. Further research online often produces instructions which are misleading. Even if you get the right instructions, it is challenging to assemble.

AZ Patio Heaters


The AZ Patio Heater radiates enough heat to cover the entire patio. Moreover, you can regulate and make it hotter or cooler depending on your preference.

Available in an attractive bronze, the AZ Patio Heater matches with any furniture decor which you have on your patio.

The heater is designed such that it is tall yet compact. Therefore, it occupies very little space. As such, it will fit alongside your patio furniture well.

This heater is a high-quality product. The manufacturers are known as AZ Patio Heaters and construct products which are consumer-friendly, reliable and do not cause any trouble during use. For a decade, every product from AZ heaters undergoes full testing for capability and safety. Only those which pass are shipped to customers and approved by ETL and CSA. Moreover, the AZ Patio Heater is shipped to you in ISTA 3A packaging. This protects it during shipping.  

AZ Patio Heaters

The AZ Heater is a high-quality device. It has a beautiful design. Moreover, it is energy efficient and allows for your propane tank to last for a long time. It is affordable and easily available especially online. We love how easily you can find its replacements parts and the beautiful, well detailed yet compact design. If you can look past the rusting bolts (which is not a big deal really) then you have yourself an excellent patio heater.


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The Fire Sense patio heater is capable of producing 46, 000 BTU’s, enough heat to warm you up during the cold chilly nights. It also has a convenient Piezo ignition system the light it up with a push of a button.

This heater can survive harsh elements such as the rain, snow, sleet and heat. This is due to it is stainless steel body. Steel is included in the burners and the rest of the exposed parts of the Fire Sense Hammer patio heater making it durable and quite sturdy.

It has a safety automatic shut-off tilt valve; a safety feature that ensures it does not heat up to the extent of breaking the glass.

To ensure that it gives off as much heat as possible, the Fire Sense patio heater has two mantle heating grids. Moreover, you get its wheel assembly done upon purchase. It is designed to be slender and compact for easy transportation and positioning on your patio.

The Fire Sense Hammer patio heater has a unique design to enhance user experience. For one, this 89-inch tall heater has a mantle grid that is set high so as to maximize the reach of the radiated heat. The height allows for a large thermal print. The heater also has some wheels attached to it to maximize its portability. To make its transportation easier, this Fire Sense patio heater weighs only 42.5 pounds.  It is also decorated using a lovely dark bronze finish. This makes it fit in with a variety of patio designs and furniture.

Fire Sense Hammer


It is not very stable. A light wind can actually topple it over. Moreover, at its full height, it is a bit too tall to deliver the warmth you need if you are sitting under it.

The stainless steel parts are susceptible to fingerprints. Thus, you need to keep wiping it to keep the Fire Sense Hammer Tone Commercial Patio Heater clean and shiny.

Some parts of this heater get rusty too fast. Examples are the screws.

Fire Sense Hammer


When you buy this patio heater, you benefit from high-quality customer service. Moreover, this Fire Sense patio heater has a one year warranty. Therefore, you can be confident in professional assistance from the manufacturer in case the heater malfunctions in any way. However, this is highly unlikely because it is designed in the USA and manufactured in different countries all over the world.

It is easy to start. Featuring a Piezo electric ignition system, the Fire Sense Hammer Tone Bronze Commercial patio heater can be started with the push of a button. Right above the start button is a heat controller dial. It allows you to regulate the heat which emitted by this heater.

The sturdy and durable body is another perk that comes with purchasing this heater. This is enabled by the stainless steel body allowing it to give you adequate service for a long time.

It has an aesthetic design as well as a color that can match most patio furniture.

Fire Sense Hammer

If you are searching for a patio heater which is elegant and capable of massive heat production, the Fire Sense Hammer Tone Commercial patio heater is a great choice. It is elegantly designed and easy to start too. Despite the little rusting of the screws, the stainless steel body ensures that this heater is long lasting and can withstand harsh conditions. We also love that it has a warranty and it can be easily purchased especially online.


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The AmazonBasics Havana bronze Commercial Patio Heater is powder coated using a bronze colored finish. Due to this, it is one of the most durable patio heaters available today. It is also capable of 46,000 BTU’s.

Customer satisfaction and convenience are highly enhanced by this heater. Hence, it has a Piezo ignition system which allows for easy ignition.

When it comes to heaters, safety is a major concern. The AmazonBasics patio heater, therefore, comes with a safety auto shut-off tilt valve.

In case you need to store it away, this process is made easy for you by a set of wheels. They are made of hardened plastic and can traverse the roughest patio surfaces without causing any scratches. The AmazonBasics Havana bronze Commercial Patio Heater is designed such that it is slender and compact. Thus, it measures 18 x 89 inches in size.

Due to its classy and elegant bronze design, the AmazonBasics Havana Bronze Commercial Patio Heater can fit in with a majority of patio decors. Powered by gas, it is powerful and delivers a soothing warmth which allows your guests to feel comfortable as they sit on your patio during chilly evenings.

AmazonBasics Havana


One of the parts on the AmazonBasics Havana Bronze Commercial Patio Heater is a heat reflector. This one comes covered with a blue film. It should be peeled off prior to use. This is actually very difficult to do. You have to blow-dry it to loosen the film. This reduces its ease of use.

It can be quite difficult to assemble. Moreover, this product has been reported to arrive with poorly manufactured parts. This makes it more difficult to assemble the unit and negatively affects its convenience.

The sandbox in this unit is built out of cheap plastic hence it is not as strong as required. Moreover, there are some small holes where the sandbox connects with the base plate. This makes it leak water or sand when you fill it up.

AmazonBasics Havana


Heating products should always provide you with utmost safety. The AmazonBasics patio heater delivers this by having an auto shut off tilt valve and a strong base. Auto-shut tilt valve automatically turns this patio heater off in case it tilts and tips over. The base ensures it is stable enough to withstand light to medium strength wind.

The AmazonBasics Havana Bronze Commercial Patio Heater can be started up using an easy to use Piezo system. This is as simple as a single push of a button. Right above the start-up button is a control knob which helps you to set the heater to a high or a low heat setting. Moreover, you can use it to turn off the heater completely at the end of your evening.

The AmazonBasics Havana Patio Heater has an output of 46, 000 BTU’s. This means that you can use it even in the coldest weather and still get results. The patio heater can radiate and cover an area of up to 18 feet in diameter. Moreover, it works with no open flames, consistent heating, quiet and soothing operation.

AmazonBasics Havana

The AmazonBasics Havana Bronze Commercial Patio Heater is an elegant, effective patio heater. It is packed with technology such as Piezo ignition to make it easy to use. Moreover, it has a high heat output which guarantees comfort even on the chilliest of nights. This commercial patio heater is available online and quite appealing.


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This is a stylish patio heater with a pyramid design. It has a dancing flame and stands erect on the floor. The Thermo Tiki Deluxe Outdoor patio heater is a great patio decoration due to its black finish. Moreover, it is made of premium materials which can last for a long time.

One of the main parts of this patio heater is a heating column. It produces much more heat than units which are hung overhead.

Convenience is a major priority in the design of the Thermo Tiki Deluxe Outdoor patio heater. Hence, it is easy to turn on. Safety is also a major concern. Thus, it has a safety-valve built right into it.

One of the most effective parts of this patio heater is its wheel system. It comes with a set of wheels attached to its base. These ones help you to easily move it, store it away and retrieve it whenever needed. The wheels on this heater are made of hardened plastic. Moreover, they have traction and do not scratch up your patio.

This heater has a wide heating range. This is a result of its 7.5-foot height. Moreover, it has a reflector which is 18 square inches that are powered by propane gas (often known as LPG or simply LP). The patio heater has a compartment where you can fit a 20 lb. a tank of gas. It is important to note that the propane tank is not provided with the Thermo Tiki Deluxe Outdoor patio heater. You have to buy it separately.

Some outstanding features of this patio heater are the high-strength steel and aluminum parts. Moreover, it is covered in a coat of black powder paint. This one prevents it from rusting, fading or corroding hence surviving harsh weather such as snow, rain, sleet and heat.

Thermo Tiki Deluxe Propane


Sometimes when you buy it, you find that there are parts that are missing. For example, some users have found that the Thermo Tiki Deluxe Outdoor patio heater arrived without a bracket and strap to hold the propane tank in place.

Its heating range is inaccurate. There have been reports of having to stand right next to it so as to experience its heating effect.

Replacement parts are very difficult to come by. Attempts to reach the manufacturer are often in vain.

Thermo Tiki Deluxe Propane


The Thermo Tiki Deluxe Outdoor patio heater has a reflector which is shaped like a pagoda. This helps spread radiant warmth and light around your patio. Moreover, it has a stable base which is designed such that it cannot tip over. It also houses a 20lb propane tank within it and all the major controls of this patio heater. As a result, the exterior surface of this heater is sleek, elegant and clean.

Traditional heaters had their elements positioned overhead. This resulted in uneven heat distribution. The Thermo Tiki Deluxe Outdoor patio heater has improved upon this design. It has a heating column which provides warmth along the length of its whole body structure. This results in even heat production.

It is very easy to start up this patio heater because it has a simple Piezo electric ignition system. This one only needs you to push a single button so as to get it working. Moreover, it has a control knob which allows you to control its heat production level.

When you purchase this heater, you get all the accessories which you require to use it. These include the element for heating, a heavy duty regulator and a flexible hose that is pre-attached.

Thermo Tiki Deluxe Propane

The Thermo Tiki Deluxe Outdoor patio heater is beautifully designed to fit your patio’s décor and comes with a unique shape making sure it will definitely stand out. It also does an excellent job warming up your patio so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to efficiency. We, however, hate that it is hard to find replacement parts which may pose a problem in case of a malfunction.  


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This is one of the most powerful patio heaters on the market right now. The Xtreme power US Premium Floor Standing Propane Outdoor patio heater has a heat rating of 48,000 BTUs. This is more than enough to keep your entire patio well heated and warm. This appliance comes with wheels and a regulator hose too. To make your experience even more worthwhile when using this heater you are provided an easy to use Piezo ignition system.

This patio heater is CE/ CSA and ETL approved. It also comes with a regulator hose such that all you need to do is attach a propane tank to the setup, turn it on and enjoy a warm patio.

It arrives with wheels attached to its base. These ones make it easy to transport it from one spot to another. It is a versatile patio heater which you can use for various types of events. Examples of these are outdoor celebrations, wedding evening parties, and pool deck meetings too.

When you purchase this patio heater, you can be sure that it will be durable. That is because it makes use of stainless steel burners. Moreover, its heating grid is made of the same material. These are rust resistant and can survive harsh weather such as rain, sleet, and even snow.

The heater has an automatic shutoff tilt valve which is able to switch off the burner if the heater tips over. This heater is powered by a standard 20lb propane gas tank. It has a compartment in its base that accommodates this tank and accessories such as regulator and gas hose. It is able to radiate warmth up to a radius of 15 feet.

XtremepowerUS 48,000 BTU


The XtremepowerUS Premium patio heater sometimes arrives lacking some assembly parts. For example, some users have complained that it arrived with some base clamps missing from the package.

The neck screws are too small to fasten the parts firmly. They have very shallow threads and keep on spinning as you tighten them.

This patio heater sometimes arrived with no weight in its base. Instead of a weight container, it arrives with screws. The lack of weight means that it can tip over very fast. If the gas tank runs out, this can happen very often.

XtremepowerUS 48,000 BTU


Measuring 31 inches in height, the XtremepowerUS Premium patio heater is slim, tall and compact. This height allows it to radiate heat across a large patio with ease. Moreover, you can move it from one spot to the other quite easily. This is thanks to the wheel assembly at its base.

When you purchase the XtremepowerUS Premium patio heater, you get a number of items in the package. These are a regulator, a hose and an automatic cut-off switch in case it tilts. You also get the hardware and tools which are required for assembly, a pre-installed weight bladder, and the owner’s manual.

This patio heater has an 18-inch heat reflector. This one maximizes the heat spreading effect. Moreover, it is attractively finished in a Hammered Bronze color. This way, it can fit in with most patio styles of decoration.

XtremepowerUS 48,000 BTU

The XtremepowerUS Premium Patio Heater is a high-quality product that you can invest in for warming up your parties and outdoor activities. It has a wide thermal range and has an aesthetic unique design. Make sure you get a complete package upon purchasing this product as sometimes the packages come lacking essential parts. You can easily acquire this patio heater online.


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There is a wide variety of patio heaters to choose from such as floor standing, wall mounted and tabletop heaters. Regardless of the type you go for, you need to make sure you avoid fake heaters by all means.

They normally come at questionably cheap prices and you know what they say about cheap stuff… It’s expensive. To save yourself the agony of constant repairs or eventually throwing away your heater in frustration, try and get one with a mid-range to high price tag.

However, it would be unfair to say that all cheap patio heaters are fake. Though rare, you may be lucky and find a genuine heater at a good price. So how else can you identify a fake heater from a genuine one?

As a buyer, beware of the cheap copies of quartz patio heaters. These heaters are an imitation of the original. Their glass is ordinary and does not allow heat to pass through meaning that your environment will not be warmed.

In most counterfeit patio heaters, you will also find that the glass is not as strong as it should be hence it can shutter when the heat increases.

If your patio heater is fake, you will also notice that it takes more time for it to warm up an area. Imagine having to wait for 5 to 10 minutes before heating begins. Annoying, right?

So, how does a quality heater look like? Quality heaters up after one minute and they have a potted circuit board. The ignition control is easy to use.  Beware of painted models as they are often not high-quality heaters. They rust and corrode after sometimes and you are left with an old and rusty heater. If you want a quality painted model, ensure that you check the gauge of steel. A heavier steel gauge is long lasting and takes time before it shows signs of rusting.

It is also important to buy a heater that has a heavy duty reflector. This will make your heater much more durable.


Part of being able to choose a good patio heater for your home or restaurant is to be able to acknowledge the different features that come with different heaters. Before buying a patio heater, make sure it has some of the most essential factors. Below is a rundown of factors you should consider when buying a patio heater.

 The size and output.

Patio heaters vary in terms of size and output (in BTU). There are the full-size units usually found outside clubs and other social places. They are seven to eight feet tall and have an output of around 40,000 Btu. You also have the table top heaters that produce 12,000 BTUs. These heaters are smaller in size compared to the full size heaters. It is advisable to choose this kind if you have a small house or if you are heating a small area. Mountable heaters vary in terms of size. The smallest in size produce around 3,330 BTU while the large industrial size produces hundreds of thousands BTUs. Simply consider the areas you are heating and chose a heater with the right size and energy output accordingly.


Patio heaters use different sources of fuel. There is the propane patio heater which comes with the advantage of being easier to use compared to other heaters and being mobile. The mobility allows you to place it anywhere as well as carry it with you if need be. The downside of a propane heater, however, is the incremental cost incurred in purchasing propane. They cost more compared to their electric counterparts and also expensive in the long run due to frequent purchases of propane. This can also be quite inconveniencing for most people since they can go off as soon as propane is depleted. 

Electric patios do not emit gasses and also come at pocket-friendly prices. You will, however, need to install them hence a little bit inconveniencing. Also, keep in mind that they are converting electricity to heat so don’t get shocked when your electric bill is a more than you expected.  

At the bottom of the price list, you have natural gas heaters. These require to be installed and may emit some gas but are quite affordable when it comes to buying and maintaining too.

 The design

Design is everything when selecting any device to be used in your home; a patio heater is no exception. The heater design should fit the space in your home and should complement your overall home layout. Luckily, when it comes to aesthetics, you have a wide variety to choose from. To mention a few, you can go with basic stainless steel, bronze and gold accents.

While still on the topic of design, pick a heater with wheels for easy moving especially when you decide to go with a bigger size. Also, take your time to look at some uniquely shaped heaters. In short, you have a lot of choices when it comes to design. Pick one that matches your home and perhaps personality.

 The cost of operating a patio heater

You will have to consider the initial cost of purchase and the cost of maintenance. The good news is, patio heaters nowadays are available at all kinds of prices. You, therefore, can easily get one that fits your budget.
The problem comes in when you have to keep incurring a maintenance cost. With electric patios, maintenance cost is not a big deal since in most areas electricity is readily available. But when it comes to propane heaters, be ready to purchase propane depending on how often you use your heater.

 The purpose of the patio heater

What is your heater for? This will help you in selecting the right size and the right fuel type. We all have different needs, a home patio is not the same as one for restaurants or social places. Establishing the purpose and the Btu required will assist I choosing the right one.  To accurately fit a patio heater, measure the space you want to heat and know the square feet of your patio. After calculating the square feet, establish the temperature difference you want from the heater. Select a heater that offers more Btu to ensure that you get enough heat. Read the product descriptions of various patio heaters to get a clear picture that will help in selecting the right one.


There are risks involved when using patio heaters. The obvious risk is a fire hazard hence it is important to know the safety features of your device. Reading the product description will give you enough insight into the different features and how they work. When shopping for heaters select one that meets all the safety standards. It should be tested by UL- and CSA-. The patio heater should also have an automatic shut off switch. This switch turns off the heater when it becomes too hot. The other safety feature is a cool touch glass. A cool touch glass makes them safe around curious children preventing them from burning themselves. Restaurants using outdoor patio heaters should ensure that the heater has a cool touch glass. It is important to prevent hazards by ensuring the safety measures are in order.


A patio is one of the best places to relax, host barbecues, or have a meal with friends in the evening. During the colder seasons and night, the patio becomes less used due to low temperatures outside. You can remedy this issue by considering some of the best brands to buy your heater from. Find out more below.

AZ Patio Heaters

These heaters are either tabletop, freestanding or ceiling mount hence is triangular or mushroom shaped or are fan-shaped depending on the particular heater.  They have attractive designs that will improve your patio décor.  Besides their appealing feature, the heaters emit enough heat that will warm the patio up and make everyone comfortable. Heat emitted is determined by the power source. Propane or butane can power them. To make the heaters easy to move around, some have wheels.


 Lava Heat Italia Patio Heaters

These heaters are among the best brands out there with their great designs and sizes. They provide sufficient warmth efficiently up to twelve-foot radius on your patio. The amount of heat emitted is as per a patio heater. They are also designed not to consume excess gas while in use. Also, some of Lava Heat Italia heaters can be hooked to your house gas line for longer use. To stabilize these Lava Heat Italia heaters, they have bases that extra weighted. Some of these heaters come with battery-powered ignitions


 Amazon Basics Commercial Patio Heaters

These heaters have features that make them one of the best heater brands in the market. It has an attractive design that will compliment your patio and at the same time provide warmth efficiently. Some of the heaters are portable, made possible by the wheels the heaters have. The heaters are less costly than the other brands of patio heaters. They are powered up by natural and emit up to 46000BTUs.


 Fire Sense Patio Heaters

These heaters come as either freestanding, wall-mount or tabletop heater. The tabletop heaters have a round top hence sometimes the shape will be referred as mushroom in shape. The round top is the reflector hood that enhances heat output. They come in either stainless steel or hammered bronze tone both of which are durable materials. They are run either by electricity or propane.


 Endless Summer by Blue Rhino Patio Heaters

These heaters come in the shape of table lamps. Their appealing design is an addition to their usefulness, which is to improve the décor of your patio. Electricity mostly powers them. They emit heat of at least 4000BTUs.


 Golden Flame Patio Heaters

These heaters come as tabletop heaters with the mushroom shape. They are easy to start, and they emit at least 10,000BTUs which is enough heat depending on your patio and the current temperatures you are in. They can be powered by propane

Belleze Propane Patio Heaters

These heaters are not only good-looking but also powerful and easy to use. They emit heat that is capable of reaching a fifteen-foot radius. This is a longer distance compared to some of the other patio heaters in the market, therefore making these freestanding patio heaters suitable for a large patio with a lot of people. To make them steady these heaters you can store a propane tank in the base.

Ener-G+ patio heaters

One of the Ener-G+ patio heaters is the Ener-G+ Infrared Outdoor Ceiling heater. These heaters work best in enclosed places. They are also ideal for patios that have less floor room. They are good looking heaters, and they provide soft mood lighting.  A date under this patio heater would be lovely. Also, they cost less than propane heaters. One drawback about these kinds of heaters is they only heat up a small area. They are easy to use, you just plug into a wall outlet.



We are all wired differently, and hence our needs vary. When choosing a patio heater, you have to consider your needs and home design before committing to one. There are so many heaters out there, you just have to find the best one for you. Let us help you chose the best patio heater for your needs.

Do you have children? Invest in safety features

Heaters are nowadays advanced with excellent safety features to ensure that your children are safe. This is especially concerned with the glass on your patio heater as most accidents with heaters tend to be caused by touching the hot glass. Also, if you have pets, buying a heater with safety features will keep your home and companion safe.

 What does your budget look like? Work within it.

As said earlier, patio heaters come in all kinds of prices. It is up to you to match your budget to the price of the heater that you want. As much as I am for buying a heater within your budget, I cannot emphasize harder the need for buying quality products. Don’t fall for counterfeit, cheat heaters. They are only going to cost you more in the form of repairs.

Are you into keen on detail or do you just want simple heater?

If you are a lover of art, then you are in luck. Patio heaters nowadays come in all kinds of designs. There are also a wide variety of colors to choose from. So, don’t just settle for any ordinary heater when there is one that matches your style. A good example is the umbrella-shaped heaters that are common in most households. Some come with next level flame patterns that create a beautiful spectacle when lit.  You can even get the naked flame design giving off a camping experience right in the comfort of your home. Cool right? It’s all up to you to pick the heater that suits you best. On the other hand, simple old school patio heaters are also available. If you are not so much into design, go for such.

Energy used

If you are crazy about energy conservation, then you probably want to be very keen when selecting your heater in terms of fuel used. You have about three heaters to choose from, electric, propane and natural gas heaters in order of most conservative to least. You will also notice that natural gas heaters emit some gas while running making them a not so good choice for anyone with asthma or any other respiratory disease.

Keep in mind that the energy used in your heater determines how much your maintenance effort and cost is going to be. Propane heaters are quite expensive to maintain as you will be required to buy some propane every now and then. Electric ones fall in the middle while natural gas heaters are the cheapest since gas is readily available and affordable too.


Patio heaters come in different types, sizes, shapes and design. Therefore there are different kinds of accessories and parts for all the heaters out there. They include:

Thermostat and controls

There are thermostats for all sorts of patio heaters. They are for controlling the heat according to one’s preference and comfort. An example of a thermostat is the Line Voltage Thermostat – T4398A1021

This thermostat is essential for controlling the heat your patio heater is emitting. It provides accurate temperature control.

Patio heater covers

You can get a cover for your heater to be used when the heater is in storage depending on the size and design of your patio heater. An example is the Commercial Heater Cover and the Fire Sense 02054 Vinyl cover (head only).

Glass tubes for replacement

These are essential particularly if you have an electric patio heater. In case the tube breaks you can replace with another one. The Commercial Quartz Glass Replacement is an example of the glass tubes. This glass tube is for the 3-sided commercial tall glass tube patio heater. It comes with a PVC base ring for support.

Valves, switches, and knobs

Valves are standard in natural gas and propane patio heaters. These are for controlling the amount of gas that reaches the burner of the patio heater. The Main Control Valve Large Outlet 13mm SKU valve is an example of a part of a patio heater. It has two position settings.

Knobs are also for control. They come in different shapes, sizes and from various manufacturers. An example of a control knob is the Plastic Control Knob that is of plastic and black in color. It has a rotation indicator for accuracy. It is suitable for freestanding and tabletop patio heaters.

Regulators and gas line connectors

For your patio heater, you can get a regulator so that anyone can control the heat being emitted by the heater. This Infratech regulator looks good and durable. If you have a patio heater that can be powered by a gas line, a gas line connector is essential.


Timers, Sensors

Timers are used to set the time for auto-shut off. It is a practical accessory in case your guests move into the house, and the heater is left while on.

Sensors are ideal for sensing the temperature in the environment and adjust the heat provided by the heater.

Reflector shield

Patio heaters that are ceiling mount require reflector shields to direct the heat emitted downwards to the occupants of the patio.

Burners and igniters

A burner is an essential part of a patio heater powered by natural gas or propane. The burner is where the heat is produced. For a burner to light, there has to be an igniter. Igniters serve the purpose of powering on your patio heater. They come in many different designs, sizes, and cost.



Now that you have decided to get a patio heater so as to make use of your patio more, it is important to have some tips and tricks up your sleeve so as to get the right patio heater for your patio and to maintain it giving you great service. Read on.

  • There are different types of patio heaters in the market.  


These types of heaters are mounted on the wall or the ceiling hence occupying no floor room. They are ideal if your patio is not much roomy. These emit a lot of heat necessary. However, you should consider the type of wall of your home because the wall-mount heaters are hard to mount on particular types of walls such as bricks.


You place these heaters on a table, and they warm up the surrounding area. These heaters also serve as a decor for your table. They are small, portable and weigh lightly. Since they are small they emit less heat than some of the other patio heaters; therefore they are suitable for small patios and places


These heaters normally are large and are designed to rest on the ground by themselves. Due to their large size, they are ideal for big patios or pool decks.


  • Prices

Different patio heaters vary in cost and the features of each patio heater determine this. Therefore, know your budget as you look to buy a patio heater.

  • Power source

Propane heaters

They emit more heat than electric heaters due to their large sizes. They are therefore suitable for large patios or when there are more people on the patio.  

Electric heaters

They are smaller than propane heaters, hence emitting lower amounts of heat. They are suitable when only a few people are on the patio.

Natural gas

These are heaters that you connect to your gas line. They are less expensive than the other types of heaters.

Therefore as you make the choice of a patio heater bear in mind the fuel you are comfortable to use economy-wise and preference. The selection of the fuel type is also determined by the kind of patio your home has. For example, a propane patio heater will emit carbon dioxide, which may build up in an enclosed patio. Therefore for such a patio, an electric heater is advised.  

  • Once you have bought your patio heater assemble it by following manufacturer’s instructions carefully. The attention to detail will ensure that your patio heater will not be faulty hence will work flawlessly.


  • Once in use, whether it’s an electric or propane heater do regular checks to ensure that there are no gas leaks in a propane heater or burnt out filaments in an electric heater.


  • For tabletop heaters, ensure they are fastened to the table so as to avoid accidents in case of a commotion in the patio


  • Connect all gas lines and tubes properly to avoid gas leaks, which pose potential fire threats.


  • Clean your patio heater often to remove dust and other particles that may hinder the proper functionality of the heater. Also, the cleaning is so that the appearance of the patio heater is maintained at its level best.


  • Avoid exposing your patio heater to the wind. The wind cools the air that has been warmed up, and in return, you end up overworking your heater. In case of a breezy day, you can place the patio heater under an umbrella.


  • Last but not least keep children and pets away from all types of patio heaters for safety.

Patio heaters are essential products that help you utilize your patio all year round. They come in handy on chilly days that you prefer to host a barbecue party, to have dinner outside in the night or read your paper while sipping some coffee on the patio early in the morning. Note also that patio heaters are not only for homes but can also be used in bars and restaurants.

While buying a patio heater consider the floor space of your patio, the power source that will be pocket-friendly and last but not least the look and décor of your patio. Once you consider the above factors, then the next step will be easy. The patio heaters come in different design, styles, and sizes, therefore the type of patio heater you select will be determined by the size, shape, décor and positioning of your patio as mentioned earlier.
You also can own not only one but several patio heaters and improve your patio décor and while keeping your patio warm and cozy in case you have a really large patio.

How long will your heater last? Well, that depends on how well you take care of it. Maintenance and repairs are essential. Parts to replace any spoilt ones are made by different manufacturers and at fair prices; therefore you will not have to throw away your heater if a part is broken. You simply get another part.
That pretty much covers everything about patio heaters. I hope you had fun reading and actually learn something. I know I did!


Editor, Industrial Expert