Whether you are acquiring a wheelchair due to illness or old age, a good wheelchair should be able to boost your independence and mobility. You should be able to comfortably live your life as you want, with as few limits as possible. The second thing that makes a good wheelchair is comfort. While you claim back your power and independence, you ought to be comfortable doing it. If this is your first time acquiring an electric wheelchair, you must be overwhelmed by all the choices and decisions required before settling for just one. You need to select the best brands, but it does not end there. You still have a sea of wheelchairs to sort through before you find what you are looking for. This is where the ultimate electric wheelchair guide 2016 comes in. We have compiled all the information necessary for acquiring an electric wheelchair. Make sure you take something from it, we have a lot to offer.

If it were possible to review all the wheelchairs in the market, we would have done it, but with over thousands of products in the market, this would truly be a daunting task. Instead, we made a compilation of top ten electric wheelchairs we thought were the best based on research, customer reviews and features of the products. This means you will be able to rely on them to enhance your mobility so you can claim your power and independence back. But we did not stop there. We have gone out of our way to provide you with all the information you need about buying an electric wheelchair from the features you should consider, top brands and general expert advice.  Before selecting your favorite, read through the rest so as to make a sound decision.

  • Price: See Here
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Powerful battery
  • EZ Lite Cruiser
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  • Very fast and easy to fold
  • You can double the battery for double distance covered
  • Very easy to customize
  • Victory 10 LX
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  • Impressive CTS suspensions
  • Can handle up to 400 pounds
  • Long lasting battery




The KD Smart Chair comes with many amazing features it’s no wonder it ranks first in our list. For starters, this electric wheelchair is as light as 50 pounds. This paired with its compact body and ability to fold will come in handy during transportation, lifting and storage. The compact design allows for easy indoor use by allowing you to maneuver easily in tight indoor spaces such as hallways and store aisles. The outdoor experience is enhanced by its tough tires and powerful motor that will enable traveling even on steep, tough roads.  

With a long lasting battery that lasts up to 15 miles, this FDA approved wheel chair will ensure you claim your independence and you are back on the road in no time.  The KD Smart chair is made of comfortable back rest cushions that can be removed for cleaning making maintenance easy. The joystick is adjustable hence can be placed according to our specifications. So far, we have a five star rating on all the important features. But as you know, nothing is perfect so we still have a tiny problem with the KD Smart chair. The fact that it supports a maximum weight of 256 pounds is a disadvantage as it may limit individuals of a greater weight. Also, the armrests do not fold restricting it to a side access. This should not however be a dismissing factor. The KD Smart chair has so much to offer. It is no wonder many users give it a five star. You will truly restore your mobility with this electric wheelchair.



The EZ Cruiser DX12 is truly an upgrade from the DX10 due to the features it has. Just like the DX10, this wheelchair comes with the ability to customize it so as to fit your need by adjusting the footrest and the distance between armrests. You can also choose between the 15 Ah and 10Ah battery. As you make your choice, keep in mind that the 15Ah battery is forbidden from airplanes hence may be a bit limiting. The batteries have the ability to be connected together using a dual connector to increase the power. This means that you can cover twice the distance on a single charge.

It also comes with a well cushioned seat that reclines taking your comfort to a whole other level. With a tough durable frame that has warranty, you will be sure you are purchasing a genuine product. It also has 7.5 inch front wheels and back wheel sizes of 12 inches ensuring that you can conquer the toughest terrains the world has to offer. The impressively fast folding and unfolding capabilities paired with its compact design makes it easy to transport and excellent for indoor use. The only qualm we have with this chair is that the maximum speed is a slow 3.5mph. Other than this, the Deluxe DX 12 is a futuristic wheelchair that promises to restore your mobility and delivers just that



The Victory 10 LX scooter is a powerful and very efficient mobility device that will address your needs fully. Equipped with a comfortable soft 18 by 18 high back chair (that can be upgraded to 22 inches) this scooter will address your mobility issues almost as good as an electric wheelchair. This scooter can support a maximum weight of 400 pounds which is 100 pounds in excess of the normal 300 ponds hence a huge advantage. It can go for 16 miles without the need to recharge thanks to its powerful 40 Ah batteries. It comes with tough non-scuffing wheels that will withstand the toughest terrains without being damaged. The best part about this scooter is that, it comes with excellent CTS suspensions that absorb well over rough surfaces.

This paired with tough, non-scuffing tires will guarantee you a smooth outdoor experience over rough terrains. It does not end there! The Victory 10LX is equipped with a full LED lighting package that will ensure your path stays well lit at night. Attached to it are extra accessories such as a cup holder and an unbreakable front basket that is very convenient for carrying your personal effects as you travel. The Victory 10 LX can easily be disassembled for transportation purposes if need be. It also comes with an offer of a one year free in-home service, and a two year warranty. You will be confident you are purchasing a genuine product thanks to the FDA approval granted on this device. This wheelchair is best suited for outdoor use as opposed to indoors due to its size. If you can look past the heavy design, the Victory 10 LX is just for you.



Invacare is one company know how to handle your mobility needs. This time, they have gone out of their way to bring you the Pronto 31 wheelchair. This power wheelchair is exactly what you need to address your mobility issues. It comes with comfortable 18 inch captain seat that has 360 degree rotation and well cushioned seats. This compact wheelchair is generously accessorized with full length armrests that can be adjusted in terms of height. It also comes with a seat belt and a flip-up footrest ensuring your comfort needs are well meet. It has flat-free wheels ensuring you can handle the toughest terrains the world has to offer without damage.

Its slim and compact design that allows it to move easily while indoors. The best part is that it gives you a chance to enhance security by enabling youth lock it using a key.it comes in sleek designs and ability to choose between color Blue and Black. Our biggest problem with the Pronto 31 is that it is heavier than your ordinary electric wheelchair making it a bit challenging to lift.  The fact that the joystick is not adjustable is another issue. Otherwise, the pronto 31 is very durable and will ensure you attain your mobility in style.



The EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe DX10 is truly a futuristic wheelchair! It upholds the name of its EZ Lite predecessors by having incredible folding and unfolding capabilities (literally takes seconds). It is very lightweight yet compact ensuring an easy time in storage and transportation. The best part about this wheelchair is that the DX10 allows for customization enabling you an experience of your own choosing.

This is facilitated by ability to change the bolt sizes in the footrest and armrest. As a result, you can increase the length of the footrest and the distance between armrests in case the wheelchair feels small. Equipped with7.5 inch front wheels and 10 inch rear wheels, you can be sure of a smooth indoor and outdoor riding experience. The seat is lined with soft and comfortable removable back and seating cushions taking your relaxation to the next level. Users comfort is further enhanced by this wheelchair’s ability to recline in 5 different positions that will guarantee you completely take advantage of your comfort. The DX10 leaves nothing to chances as it is accessorized fully with equipment such as a handle at the back of the chair for carrying it while folded, a seatbelt and a cup holder among other things to ensure it is very convenient for your daily use.

You can also combine two batteries to increase the travel range. As good as this wheelchair is, we have one little problem with it. The battery has been reported by some users to drain fast. This however, should not make you lose hope on an incredible chair as you can easily compensate by adding two batteries together for twice the functionality. The bottom line is; The EZ Cruiser DX10 is just the chair to bet your money on, it will ensure you regain your mobility as soon as possible.



This wheelchair is definitely an upgrade from the low back Merits Jr wheelchair due to the many features it comes with that are absent in the low back version. It has a 17 inch high, extremely comfortable, captain’s seat that guarantees relaxation. The seat is heavily accessorized with flip-able armrests for easy access as well as a head rest that does an excellent job supporting your head and neck.

The batteries on this beast are strong enough to last it up to 12.5 miles on a single charge. It is ideal for indoor use thanks to its impressive turning radius of 22 inches combined with a slim compact design. The foam- filled tires it comes with can withstand tough terrains making it excellent for outdoors as well. It also has a decent 24V DC motor that allows you to climb slopes of up to 8 degrees. Thanks to a low center of gravity that is associated with this wheelchair, you will stay grounded while on it. The High back Merits Jr can support a maximum weight of 300 pounds (the standard maximum weight for electric wheelchairs)  and move at a  maximum speed of 4.5 mph.

It also has the ability to disassemble making it easy to transport. The fact that the charger is off-board, gives it more points as it allows you to charge it separately with the chair. Apart from the fact that this wheelchair is heavy and the lack of a table top, we have nothing much to complain about. The Merits Jr Power wheelchair is guaranteed to give you an easy time as you claim your independence and mobility.



The Accessbuy is a very simple wheelchair for use by any individual including the elderly. It consist of a strong aluminum alloy frame that not only contributes to its sleek design but also makes it durable. It weighs 72.8 pounds making it lightweight enough for easy carrying and transporting. This wheelchair can also easily fold which is a bonus on the ease in transporting. The seat is made of breathable material to provide aeration even when occupied. This very unique feature prevents users from getting sores from continuously sitting down.

As if this is not enough, the Accessbuy comes with an impressive design that combines the electronic wheelchair and the manual one. This is achieved by the wheel rims attached to the rear wheels facilitating self-propelling. It comes in handy when you run out of power unexpectedly hence giving you an out. The seat is well accessorized with comfortable armrests and adjustable joystick. Although it has swing away footrests which many people think are uncomfortable, these ones are very sturdy. The wheels are made of rubber with the front wheel being 8 inches and can rotate at 360 degrees hence providing ease in movement.



The Cirrus plus Power by Drive Medical comes with a very rich, unique design comprising of an appealing carbon steel frame with silver finishing. The frame is not only appealing but also durable. Transporting this wheelchair is made easy by its ability to fold easily and the fact that it is lightweight. This gives you and your carer an easy time storing as well as lifting. The chair is pretty comfortable accessorized with items such as a seat belt, comfortable cushions, wheel locks, and a swing away foot rest among other things, to enhance user experience.

The joystick and the armrests comes with the ability to adjust in terms of length hence accommodating a majority of user’s needs. With 5 inch front wheels and 8 inch rear wheels, you can easily handle any rocky paths that come your way. In case you were wondering about its efficiency, wonder no more. The Cirrus Plus Power has managed to surpass the ANSI RESNA test, ensuring that you are in good hands when it comes to efficiency in addressing your needs. As if this is not enough, guys from Drive Medical allow you to purchase the Peace of Mind protection for this wheelchair. This is truly a futuristic wheelchair, but, we still have some issues with it.

The absence of a headrest limits the individuals who can access this chair. Most people also prefer folding footrest as opposed to slide away due to comfort. In all honesty, these disadvantages are very minute and quite easy to overlook. The Cirrus plus Power is excellent and will address your issues with precision.



The Geo Cruiser is a very sleek and durable wheelchair thanks to its frame which is made of a titanium alloy. The same frame is what makes it incredibly lightweight and compact (a net weight of 46 ponds inclusive of the battery). It also folds easily making it very convenient while storing in any vehicles. This wheelchair is excellent for both indoor and outdoor use. With a turning radius of 31 inches, you can very easily maneuver around tight indoor spaces such as hallways, supermarket alloys and even pathways within your compound.

The chair attached to the Geo Cruiser is very comfortable with a depth of 16 inches which is accessorized with 9 inch long armrests, a footrest and a joystick that can be placed on the right or left side. This means that you will experience relaxation while in use. It comes with a powerful Lithium Ion battery that can sustain the wheelchair for 12.5 miles on a single charge allowing you to expand your travel horizons with no interruptions. For a short 5 hour period, you can fully charge the battery, which would be ideal to do at night when it is not in use. The thing we love the most is that, unlike many other electric wheelchairs, the Geo Cruiser is approved for air travel so no need for switching to other devices when you travel.  This wheelchair is designed to give you control over your mobility issues both indoors and outdoors.

We love everything about it, well almost everything. The maximum weight limit of 256 is way too limiting for many individuals. Moreover, the absence of a headrest and the backrest being low strikes out individuals with back or spine problems from the list of eligible users. Other than that, this wheelchair gets points for its design and flight approval. The fact that it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use is also a big bonus. If we were to rate this, we would give it an eight out of ten. So, if you can look past the little issues it comes with, this is a pretty decent wheelchair for your mobility issues.



If you are looking for a wheelchair that will be excellent for indoor use, The Golden Tech LiteRider should definitely be on your list. Just by looking at it, you can see that this electric wheelchair is very compact. It also helps that the design incorporates a basket only that it is located under the seat making it more compact as well as convenient. To enhance your comfort further, this wheelchair comes with a well cushioned stadium style seat with 16 by 17 dimensions which is generously accessorized with arm-rests, a flip -able footrest and an adjustable joystick.

Although the Golden Tech LiteRider chair performs well indoors, it does not mean it cannot handle the pressure that come with the outdoor world. It comes with a powerful 12V battery allowing it an impressively high travel range of 15.5 miles on a single charge. Despite the amazing features that this wheelchair comes with, we have some qualms about it. For starters, the seat may not be ideal for individuals with spine injuries as it has a low backrest hence it may not provide adequate support for your back. The absence of a headrest too, does not help its case. We are also not impressed with its weight as it is heavier than wheelchairs of its kind but, to fix this, you can easily disassemble it making it easier to carry. If you are looking for a wheelchair that is excellent for indoor activities and moderate for outdoors, this will do you good.


With a boatload of electric wheelchairs available today, it is very easy to get lost when it comes to picking “the one”. Some electric wheelchairs may look sleek and durable but in real sense, they have very poor features or lack thereof. You want to choose a wheelchair that will address your needs and at the same time, is actually durable. Finding a perfect wheelchair that meets your needs is not an easy task, but we have got you covered. When you finally settle on a wheelchair, at least make sure it has the features below.

 Durable frame.

The frame basically makes the wheelchair. It’s no wonder many companies go out of their way to provide warranties for it. The frame of an electric wheelchair determines the strength and weight of the device. A good frame should be durable in terms of malleability and its ability to evade corrosion. At the same time, a frame should be light weigh to enable ease is carrying and transporting. When purchasing a wheelchair, watch out for the following materials used on the frame: aluminum and its alloys, stainless steel, cold-rolled steel, flat steel and titanium and its alloys. Wheelchairs made of these materials, especially titanium, are a guarantee of durability and in most cases lightness.

 The weight capacity.

This is the maximum weight that an electric wheelchair can stand. The common weight capacity in most electric wheelchairs is 300 pounds. Buying a wheelchair with a weight limit below or at your weight usually defeats its purpose. The rule of thumb in this case is to give yourself an allowance of about 50 pounds above the weight limit to account for any weight gains you may acquire in future. This will ensure the wheelchair supports you especially when going up a slope. There are also heavy duty wheelchairs which usually support 650 pounds specifically meant for individuals of greater size. It should however be noted that some wheelchairs may have a capacity lower than the standard 300pounds but have excellent features. If you are below the weight limit of such a wheelchair, being fast to dismiss it may be a mistake.

 Properties of the seat.

This is where you will spend most of you time. So you want the seat of your wheelchair to be near perfect. While considering the seat, take a look at its dimensions as well as the accessories it comes with. A seat with an adequate length, width and depth will do you good when it comes to matters of your comfort. Experts advice taking your measurements while seated to determine your approximate seat size. A high backrest is also preferred compared to a low one, as it provides your back with the support it needs. When it comes to accessories, make sure your wheelchair has comfortable armrests (if they are flip-able the better), foot rests (flip-able to avoid tripping), a seat belt and an adjustable joystick in case you are left handed. Although it may not be as important as other seat properties, the ability of a seat to recline is an added advantage when purchasing an electric wheelchair as it will enhance your comfort.

 Travel range.

The travel range determines how far your wheelchair can go without requiring to recharge. This is what separates wheelchairs meant for long distance traveling and those that are not. A travel range of around 12 miles is decent enough to survive long distance journeys. However, carrying an extra battery is a quick fix for this problem. While we are on the topic of batteries, selecting a good non-leak, 12 V battery will help enhance your travel range.

 Portability and foldability.

Good electric wheelchairs should be lightweight and foldable. This will give your carer an easy time in lifting and transporting. It is also a bonus especially when it comes to storage. The easier it is to fold and carry, the easier it will be to handle it.


This is another crucial part that should not be neglected when acquiring a wheelchair. Wheels determine whether an electric wheelchair is suitable for outdoors, indoors or both environments. For starters, make sure you select wheels made of durable material. Solid wheels are generally preferred to air filled or pneumatic wheels as they are more durable hence require less maintenance. Also consider selecting between rear-wheel drive and front wheel drive wheelchairs. Rear-wheel drives are excellent for speed while front are good at managing tough terrains. You can choose either, depending on your needs.

 Controls and braking system.

This is pretty straight forward. A good electric wheelchair should have easy to use controls and an efficient braking system. Universal controls paired with intelligent regenerative electromagnetic brakes, should do the job. A good way to ascertain this is to follow up with user reviews in order to have an idea of what you are getting into before purchasing.

 Price, warranty and other deals.

Price and warranty you understand. Other deals, are the other services offered with purchase of the wheelchair such as in-home services and money back guarantees. A good wheelchair will definitely come with a warranty especially on the frame and in most cases the battery. This is usually a show of confidence in the product as well as, a guarantee that you are purchasing a genuine product. Other deals usually vary with the company and its policies. If you are purchasing a wheelchair online, it is wise to go with one that has a money back guarantee option. This is because testing is out of the picture, hence you have no sure way of knowing if the wheelchair will suit you. A good wheelchair should also come at a price that matches its functions. Nobody wants to feel like they got ripped off! A good way to avoid this is to do an exhaustive research before buying so as to compare as many products as possible.


The wheelchair you choose plays a big role on the quality of life you lead. They have the ability to affect the activities you can or cannot do. Therefore, whether you are hiring or buying a wheelchair, it is very important to choose one that will enable you to live the life you want, and as independently as possible. Wheelchairs can be broadly categorized into two: manual wheelchairs and ones. The choice between the two is majorly determined by your lifestyle and your health condition.

Lifestyle includes a lot of things, the type of house you live in, does it support your wheelchair choice? Do you spend most of your time indoors or outdoors? The activities you like and will your wheelchair hinder or promote them? In general, when choosing a wheelchair with your lifestyle in mind, it’s a matter of ascertaining that your choice will enable you to uphold your lifestyle as independently as possible.

The matter of your health condition is many a times out of your control. In this case, it’s a matter of whether or not your health condition will allow you to use the wheelchair of your liking. For instance, manual wheelchairs are limited to individuals who have the strength to self –propel hence some individuals may be forced to use electric wheelchairs or depend on assistance.  In light of this, we explain the difference between manual and electric wheelchairs, and help steer you in the right direction.

Manual wheelchairs.

A manual wheelchair requires individuals who have enough strength to propel it using their arms or have an assistant they can depend on. The main advantage of manual wheelchairs is that they do not depend on battery power hence more reliable. They are also considerably light compared to electric wheelchairs. The flip side of manual wheelchairs is that they are more suitable for indoor use as opposed to outdoors especially when it comes to long distance travelling. This is because the user will experience fatigue from prolonged use of arms to steer. It is also very challenging to steer the wheelchair alone on steep terrains.

In case you already own a manual wheelchair or you are stuck on buying one, the good news is, you can optimize its functionality by investing in power add-ons. These are devices attached to manual wheelchairs to power-assist the user in steering. They come in various form such as add-ons for the user, for the carer, for stair climbing and for transforming the manual chair. To make an informed decision, you can find out more about power add-ons.

Electric wheelchairs.

A power wheelchair is best for individuals who do not have enough strength or control of their arms to enable them to propel a manual one. They are excellent for outdoor use and prove advantageous when it comes to long distances. The major issue is that they depend on a battery system which may ran out while in use. This problem can be solved by purchasing an extra battery or better yet, investing in wheelchairs that combine both manual and electric capabilities. This way, power drainage will not be an issue. Another problem that comes with electric wheelchairs is that the joy stick may be too sensitive or not sensitive enough. This may be problematic when it comes to steering and is often solved by giving the owner time to get used to the product. A good rule of thumb when purchasing an electric wheelchair, is to test it out before buying to ensure it will serve your needs fully.

The bottom line.

There is no perfect wheelchair. The best option is choosing a wheelchair that will give you the freedom to live life as you wish. This means, a lot of consideration in terms of what your needs are is a must. To get the right wheelchair, you also need to be a good consumer and do your research. Focus mainly on other users reviews to get honest and helpful opinions of a product. It is also very vital to try out a wheelchair before completely committing to it. Many wheelchairs come with a money back guarantee allowing you to return it within a generous period of time if the product does not serve you right. Optimizing on this can prevent you from acquiring one that might limit you.  



If you are keen on electric wheelchairs in the market, you have probably come across Invcare products. These guys have dominated the market for over thirty years with innovations in mobility aid devices of all kinds as well as other medical appliances like respiratory devices. They have a large variety of products which are well tested to ensure durability and that your needs are addressed. With over thirty years of experience under their belt, you can trust Invacare to tackle your mobility issues.

 Pride Mobility

Pride mobility has become a trend setters in the wheelchair world thanks to their ability to design and make mobility aid devices of all kinds including wheelchairs, scooters and their accessories. Their ability to manufacture products that are unique with easy to acquire accessories gives them a competitive edge in the heavily dominated wheelchair market. Most of their products have received good reviews from consumers worldwide due to the precision in addressing user needs. For instance, the Jazzy Air from the Jazzy family comes with the ability to elevate. These guys live up to their slogan by allowing you to live your best using their products.

 Sunrise Medical

This list cannot be complete without mentioning Sunrise Medical brands. They produce diverse variety of wheelchair brands and other mobility aid devices including sports wheelchairs and wheelchair hand bikes. Their unique and bold products allow them to stand out from the many manufacturers of wheelchairs available in the market. If you are looking for a stylish wheelchair that is also efficient, Sunrise Medical will deliver.


Williams is a company that focuses on digital pianos, and creating pianos for musicians who want the sound and feel of an acoustic piano, but also want the range of features, as well as impressive durability that comes with a digital piano. With many options to choose from, Williams offer pianos for the beginner, as well as the professional, and everyone in between, as each piano has been carefully crafted to offer a heightened realism that is hard to beat. Williams offer four main piano lines, and each offers something different to the player, so you can be sure that Williams is a great brand to trust.

 Drive Medical.

Drive medical is another brand that has made its mark in the wheelchair world. They are known for manufacturing a wide range of mobility devices without the exception of electric wheelchairs. Their wheelchairs come in large varieties with all price ranges hence you will be sure to find a product. With pocket friendly prices and durable wheelchairs, you can never go wrong with Drive Medical.

In addition to our top five, there are some other excellent brands that are worth noting when it comes to making and distributing electric wheelchair. They include: Karman, HeartWays US, CTM Home Care and EZ Lite. If you are still lost on the wheelchair to choose, searching from these brand is a good start.


Although you may have decided on the brand or company from which you will acquire your wheelchair, the task of picking the right one from the many offered model still exists. In order to acquire the ultimate electric wheelchair that will address your comfort, lifestyle and health needs, you ought to consider the following factors:

 The size of your home.

This should be your first concern when it comes to finding the most convenient electric wheelchair for you. Start by getting exact measurements of obvious points such as doorways and hallways and match them to a wheelchair of your choice. If your home is small, you can consider a compact and small electric wheelchair as opposed to a large one. You ought to also consider the height of shelves and table tops especially if you are living alone. For height advantage you can acquire electric wheelchairs with the ability to elevate such as the Jazzy Air from pride or The Golden Compass HD. Remember every little activity you enjoy in the comfort of your home and consider a wheelchair that will enable you to continue doing it.

 Your travel needs.

First and foremost, if you are a traveler, consider a lightweight wheelchair that is easy to fold for easy packing and transportation. Also keep in mind other details that allow easy outdoor maneuvering in most terrains. In this case, features such as an efficient motor, durable wheels and a good travel range are vital. Also consider acquiring an extra battery if you plan on spending most of your time outdoors. In other words, if you are big on outdoor experiences other than the normal short store visits, a durable wheelchair that has features built for the outdoor environment is your best bet.

 Your health condition.

Putting in mind your health condition will save you a great deal of trouble when it comes to your comfort needs. This will help you account for the little things such as armrests, footrests, safety belt and backrest among other things. For instance, an individual with spine injuries should invest in wheelchairs with proper support features such as a high backrest as opposed to low, a headrest and a firm foot pad among other things. In short, consider your condition and put in mind the support you need most from your wheelchair. After this, you will be able to focus on features that will ensure your health conditions are addressed.




Some wheelchairs usually come heavily accessorized while others lack many essential accessories. The lack of accessories should not be a reason to put off a wheelchair with great features since many accessories can be added. Most accessories can easily be purchased. Some accessories however are very common in almost all electric wheelchairs such as; safety belts, armrest with padding, footrest, battery and headrests.  To have an idea of essential accessories you can purchase, consider the list below.

 Lap Trays.

These are sizable table tops that can easily be attached and detached from your wheelchair. They are used for numerous things such as taking meals, providing a surface to write on and carrying general personal items. Some wheelchairs come with permanent or detachable Lap trays hence there is no need to install. This is best suited for individuals who spend lots of time on their wheelchair and write or access meals from them.it is very important to realize that this is not a crucial feature as it can be bought. So, if you come across a good wheelchair that does not have a lap tray, consider installing one instead of foregoing it.


A ramp is a flat board used to help wheelchairs go up high surfaces with ease. A good example of where ramps may be applicable is places with stairs or front poaches leading to the house. They come in different sizes ranging from small to large, and are purchased according to your needs.

 Bag packs and Tote bags.

These are bags attached to the back of the wheelchair for carrying user’s personal effects. They come in various sizes and designs. Some have special features such as compartments and privacy pockets.

 Battery and battery charger.

Although almost all wheelchairs come with a battery and its charger, users can purchase for purposes of having an extra or in case of loss or destruction of a previously owned one. It is advisable to buy a battery or charger specifically made for your wheelchair as opposed to universal.

 Safety flag.

These usually come in bright colors such as neon and orange and are made of weather resistant material. They are easy to attached and placed high above the wheelchair to show approaching wheelchair for safety of the user.

 Oxygen tank bag.

This is a bag normally designed with a cylindrical shape that comes in numerous sizes. It is places at the back or side of the wheelchair for easy carrying of an oxygen tank in case the user carries one. This usually comes in handy for individuals who use wheelchairs and require an oxygen tank.


There are literally hundreds of accessories made for electric wheelchair to provide comfort for any extra needs you may have. The few mentioned above are the most common. Other accessories that may be sold are; easy attach umbrellas, cup holders, extra wheel sets and joystick ball knobs.


One of the biggest tips while buying an electric wheelchair is to consider all aspects of your life and match them to features of a suitable wheelchair of your choice. I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of research. Especially user reviews and ratings. Also, don’t shy from asking as many questions possible. This will speed up the process of finding the right wheelchair. I had also mentioned on optimizing on return policies that come with wheelchairs. This will prevent you from getting stuck with a product that does not serve your needs. You should however be very keen on keeping the chair in excellent condition in case it does not suit you, for returns to be accepted. Finally, if you are purchasing a wheelchair hands on, take it on a test drive around the store before committing. Treat it as if you were buying your first car, you need it to be as close to perfect as can be.


It’s no news, electric wheelchairs can cost the earth! In case you have a hard time coming up with purchase money, the following tricks can iron out the kinks.

 Consider buying a second hand chair. This may not be what you want to hear, but it may be your best option. Online stores such as Amazon have second hand chairs that come at a pocket friendly price and will suit your need just fine. Just make sure you find out as much as possible about the seller and ensure the product is in good condition.

 Consider Retro-fitting a manual wheelchair. You can have a decent manual wheelchair and add power devices to bring it as close as possible to an electric wheelchair.


 Look for brands with payment plans. If retro-fitting and going second hand are completely not in your plans, you can acquire an electric wheelchair through a payment plan that allows you to pay in instalments. Another safer way is to count on insurance or a bank loan.


When all is said and done, if there is anything to take home with you is that, you should not let your mobility issues hinder you from living the life you desire. Remember to put into account all your needs so as to acquire a product that will completely satisfy you. You can also consult your physician or physiotherapist, they have more knowledge than you think. Finding a good wheelchair is now as easy as can be, thanks to the internet. All you need is a little patience and a keen eye. Eventually, you will find your wheelchair.

Before making any final decisions on purchasing an electric wheelchair, make sure you consult your doctor on your choice. You will be amazed at how much they know about mobility devices. Your doctor may advice you against a wheelchair and help you in picking the right one or support your wheelchair selection giving you more confidence in it. By now, all your ducks are in a row all you are left with is acquiring the wheelchair.

When purchasing an electric wheelchair, your best option is doing it in person at a physical shop to allow you to test it. In case this option is not available, say you live in a different country, your next best option is online buying. Make sure you use a reputable site to purchase your wheelchair.

Remember, when acquiring an electric wheelchair, your needs come first. You will know you have the right chair you are able to live the life you desire and as independently as possible. By checking the features, assessing your needed and doing extensive research, you pave your way to acquiring the best product for you. To save you on money, decide on the features you need most

Finally, remember to be patient, good things take time. To summarize this into five points. This is what we would tell you:

  • Learn as much as possible from doing research online.
  • Test out your wheelchair before buying.
  • Get a reputable dealer online if you cannot go to the store.
  • Ask many questions as possible.
  • Think long term about your needs and consider your family or carer.