The Bosch GTS1031 is designed with portability and durability in mind. The full unit comes with a very lightweight base and one-handed carry that adds balance. Also included in in this model is the modern modular blade that uses Bosch’s Smart Guard System and SquareLock rip that adds to accuracy.


Alignments are right on the money for this powerful table saw and most users appreciate how all the essential components pack up nicely under the table. The unit doesn’t come with the highest-quality miter gauge, but you can expect to do quite a bit of work with it. The blade cuts really well when crosscutting and ripping, and if you want to cut plywood, it will give you great results – not entirely perfect, but not below-standard.




Balance and mobility

The single-handle carry design means the Bosch GTS1031 was made with portability in mind. Transportation is made easier with the design and soft-grip handle, and with dual-side handles users have an easier time loading the saw into a truck or when setting up a work platform.

Tough build

The base build is designed to take years of jobsite abuse. By using all-steel, manufacturers hope to make the saw hold up against regular impact and intense heavy-duty jobs. The table is spacious and can store the push stick, meter gauge, wrenches and the rip fence; which are all placed under the table for added protection during storage and transport.

Smart Guard technology saves time

To save time, manufacturers made sure the modular blade guard attaches and detaches in milliseconds, and to enhance control when cutting, the riving knife and rawls are used. A 5,000 rpm no-load motor and 5/8 inch arbor size can cut through larger stock and sheet.

Improved cuts for reliable output

Bosch decided to include the SquareLock Rip to help minimize waste by increasing cutting accuracy and maximizing output. Included are a T-slot miter gauge and auxiliary fence slots, both of which give this saw above-average accuracy for most projects. It glides along the rail and can be operated with one hand, with quick mechanism and a lock that secures the fence into place.

When shipped, the unit comes with the blade parallel to the miter-slots and the fence parallel to the blade. For improved accuracy, the vertical axis has a 90° setting that you can measure with your square to make sure it’s perfect. The same goes for the dial-indicator; use the square to measure it and find out if it tilts to one side, even by the smallest margin.

The lever can misalign the fence when jammed down so be gentle when grabbing at both ends. To seal it, safely lift and press down the locking lever twice to make certain the front part registers as it should to the front fence. Because of the near-perfect alignment, Bosch’s GTS1031 doesn’t present the annoying kickback; however the unit does include anti-kickback pawls.



  • Balance and mobility: The single-carry design makes it perfect for moving around and easy to store.
  • Smart Guard System reduces the time it takes to attach and detach the blade, and the user gets better control thanks to the riving knife and rawls.
  • A tool-free dust chute is included on the back for easy maintenance.


  • Like many table saws on the market today, the miter gauge can appear sloppy and inaccurate, but there are workarounds.
  • It is very noisy, although some users get over it within a few hours of operation.
  • Provides good cuts but still not the perfect saw for a professional or a contractor who needs to do premium cuts.


Final Verdict

Overall it’s a good product. Bosch appear to have focused their efforts on creating a smart and intuitive design feature, however the power plug is slightly smaller than expected, and so any tugging will yank it out of the outlet.

Some users may prefer a hand-wheel for angle adjustment. Also, the lever adjustment works fine for 45° angles but the rest of the angles don’t have a definitive stop. To operate, you may have to loosen the lever and move the carriage slightly as to aim at the markings, and then lock it in place.


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