The Craftsman Evolve 15-amp tables saw comes with a few changes – the surface table isn’t made of smooth steel; some users have trouble working the fence, and it has a dicey vibration mechanism that makes it roll across the floor sort of like a Ouija board.

Craftsman Evolve 15-amp 10-Inch Table Saw-w500-h500

The full unit includes the table saw, stand, blade wenches, blade guard assembly, 24T carbide tipped blade, push stick, miter gauge, hex keys, rip fence, and user manual. An advanced guarding system is added for improved blade coverage and added versatility, while a new latching action spreader reworks the lower repositioning knife changing its position when the user turns a lever.

This unit is not as loud as the average 10-inch table saw in the market right now; also its light enough to move around when you need to, and it makes great cuts which is really the most important bit. One or more users may have had a problem with the miter gauge which turned up wobbly, but that proved easy to fix with a little masking tape to tie up the front, mid, and back portions snugly.

Craftsman Evolve 15-amp 10-Inch Table Saw minimize-w500-h500


  • 10-inch blade saw with sheer table top for improved cuts
  • Large 25 x 17 inch table top gives the user
  • 15 amp motor cuts through tough materials consistently
  • Miter gauge is easy to install and it gives the user better control when working corners and tight bevels
  • The upper guarding assembly can be put together with a simple latching mechanism
  • A powerful guarding system delivers higher blade coverage, all in a safe package

Are you involved with small building projects around the home? The Craftsman Evolve is a good place to start especially when you don’t have a lot of space in your work area. There are a few limitations though; for instance the guide doesn’t come out longer than 12 inches, which is fine for most armature jobs but may not be enough for a professional wood worker. Also, the plastic on the guards around the blade can sometimes come into contact with the blade and the base separates fairly easily from the legs during transportation. Just take into account what you’re paying for when going over the features.

Craftsman Evolve 15-amp 10-Inch Table Saw zoom-w500-h500


  • It’s cheap. Compared to some of the more durable products on the market right now, this one’s in the lower price range but it does claim some of the more outstanding features of higher Bosch and DeWalt brands: for instance it is strong, well-built, and ideal for DIY projects around the home.
  • It’s small and will fit in a small work area.
  • The motor works fine without any stalling issues.


  • Measuring marks and meter gauge are not always accurate.
  • The table is extremely lightweight; it jumps when you power the saw.
  • The fence is of lower quality than would be expected.

Craftsman Evolve 15-amp 10-Inch Table Saw in practice-w500-h500

Final Verdict

For most professional woodworkers looking for a reliable and versatile table saw, this would not suffice.

Users only interested in minor home projects then the Craftsman Evolve 15 amp 10- inch saw will be a reasonable purchase.

Craftsman offers other premium saws but this shouldn’t negate quality for each model. Sort through the products on sale and make sure you get all the components when the package ships out.


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