This DEWALT DWE7490X is manufactured in China and it features easy adjustments to rack and pinion telescoping fence for quicker and more accurate cuts. Telescoping rails also retract to form a rather small, portable package; convenient when packing and moving to a worksite.


Power and flexibility

The DEWALT DWE7490X promises convenience and flexibility with an added feature: a scissor stand that makes it possible to set up a worksite just about anywhere. Fence adjustments are made more accurate thanks to the top-of-the-line rack and telescoping rails. This saw can be used to cut narrow rips with a rip capacity of 28 inches that easily cuts through all manner of large shelving and trim material.

Also included are a 15 amp torque motor that has enough power to cut hardwood and pressure-treated lumber. The DWE7490X cuts to a depth of 3- 1/8 inches at a 90° angle and 2- ¼ inches at a 45° angle. A standard site-pro modular guarding system is included for tool-free adjustment of accompanying components as you go about each application.

To minimize clean-up, a 2 inch dust collection port is included and it connects to a vacuum for dust extraction. The full unit includes board storage and it gives users convenient site pro guarding mechanism and fast access to the push stick when not in use. The table measures 26- ¼ x 22 inches and provides good material support for most common DIY projects as well as the more professional projects.

Most users have come to expect high quality from DEWALT; and for models within this price  this is a premium product. All accessories are available nationally and internationally wherever you purchase the saw, and with over 1,000 authorized dealers, DEWALT guarantees an extensive service and repair network.


What’s in the box?

  • Push stick
  • Miter gauge
  • Folding stand
  • 10-inch 24 tooth carbide blade

Also included in the unit are:

  • 15 amp high torque motor
  • Pro modular guarding system (this allows users to make adjustments without the need for tools)
  • Retractable fence rail that pulls back to create a small, easy-to-transport package



  • This model incorporates all the features included in a similar Bosch model plus a few additional features that include rubber feet, a rip capacity of 28” inches and a larger portable saw.
  • Does well with finish carpentry jobs at a lower price and weight.
  • Wonderful fence and excellent cutting (also has more power)


  • The blade isn’t always perfect out of the box; it may need some adjusting to make a perfect square before you get to work (although it’s unlikely).
  • Quality control: The unit can break down after consistent use
  • But the good news is DeWalt customer care reps are always ready to assist.


Final Verdict

Overall, it’s a good product for most common home furniture projects and it makes a good addition for your tool collection particularly if you have regular projects or expect to make money out of it.

Purchase it to cut laminate flooring, subflooring, or for similar works around the home. The meter gauge can wobble out of place but that shouldn’t stop the bulk of your work: just look for a replacement or continue with the measurements if not doing professional cuts. Some adjustments include an adjustable feature that make it fit snugly in the track.


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