The Ryobi ZRRTS10G is listed as factory reconditioned and it works just fine, however because it’s not a premium product it falls short in a few areas. For instance the miter gauge slot is not the standard inch thickness that you’d expect, so users who complain of a sloppy miter gauge may have a hard time replacing it.

To say a product has been reconditioned generally means that it has at some point been returned to the manufacturer who brought it to full functionality. Bear in mind some products come with cosmetic blemishes, scratches, scrapes, and dirt; but this doesn’t necessarily have any impact on performance.

Ryobi ZRRTS10G 15 amp 10-Inch Table Saw-w500-h500


It’s a good saw for a lower cost. It comes with a fine blade however it cannot be used for works such as construction – for that you may need a more powerful saw. The fence is not ideal; it takes several minutes to fix it and make it straight after each movement and the T-slot miter gauge makes it a challenge to make jigs.

There are a few usability problems, for instance because the motor jumps hard when you start the saw, it gradually leads to a change in elevation. For anybody doing woodwork, this can be frustrating because it means having to test cut all independent cuts, which is tiresome and wastes a lot of wood – not to mention time.


It is a good product for a beginner as the manufacturer offers a good price for the unit including an assortment of parts and accessories. It cuts just fine and you can adjust the height, and although the measurements are only on one side of the table, there are ways to work around it. Sure, you can misalign the front end with the back end; users who aren’t performing complicated jobs can opt for a square or make your own marking on the table.

Ryobi ZRRTS10G 15 amp 10-Inch Table Saw zoom-w500-h500


The Ryobi ZRRTS10G includes 10-inches 15 amp saw with a stand that is also very lightweight and easy to use, making it a decent addition to your tool collection. The rotor generates up to 5,000 rpm for very powerful cutting. Also included is a 25 x 17 inch table for improved support when doing large ripping operations. To measure cross cutting, an adjustable miter gauge is included in the unit.

What’s in the box?

  • Ryobi 10-inch 15 amp table saw
  • Stand assembly
  • Hex key
  • 24T carbide tipped blade
  • Blade wrenches
  • Rip fence
  • Anti-kickback pawls
  • Push stick
  • User manual


  • It is a good saw for hobbyists (any professional would require more in terms of usability and versatility).
  • A powerful rotor (5,000 rpm) cuts through hardwood like butter and a stand is included for quick runs through each project.
  • It’s very affordable (about $100). Even for the tightest budget, when you want to do a few furniture jobs around the house it makes for a good purchase.


  • It’s not a premium product. Unfortunately there are several higher placed products in this range and the Ryobi ZRRTS10G is made far too simple
  • Bad miter gauge: this isn’t a standard on all reconditioned products but it’s not uncommon for this model.
  • The motor wastes wood and time. The jumping mechanism on the rotor means it takes too long for the user to test cut individual cuts, and that can take too long.

Ryobi ZRRTS10G 15 amp 10-Inch Table Saw in practice-w500-h500

Final Verdict

Purchase it for small jobs at home but avoid when going for more involved tasks or commercial jobs.

Assembly is quick and easy for most users and accuracy is good enough for simple projects. If you don’t mind being accurate to up to 1/8, then it should be a good workhorse. Some refurbished units come with minor scratches but overall it is a good saw for a good price. Users who find a dent or an uneven table have the option of replacing it or doing a minor fix to get it working fast.


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