When compared to the 3600, there is a slight difference in functionality; for instance, the Skil 3601 drops the dual on-off switch for a single lever switch that users can operate using the thumb. The Skil 3601 is very easy to operate but it takes a lot of space in storage. For a lot of hobbyists, this purchase won’t lead to regular projects, but instead a one-time woodwork assignment and then the saw goes into storage indefinitely.

You can flip over the blade to make easier angle cuts on flooring. To cut angles on molding, you may have to so in only one direction since one side of molding is curved. It was designed mostly for angles, not molding.


Do you need to install new flooring? The Skil 3601 is great for miter and rip cuts especially in solid hardwood, and laminate flooring. Users who’ve had to run back and forth outside to make small cuts on table saw or other miter can appreciate the 3601 because you can now do all right in the same room. It also comes in a sturdy and compact design which allows DIY’ers to store and transport easily.




The unit comes in a lightweight design which is easy to take to your project location. The cross, miter and rip cuts allows users to work through solid hardwood, engineered and laminate flooring. The miter gauge detents at 0°, 22°, and at 45°, which allows you flexibility when performing a variety of cuts.

What’s in the box?

  • 3601-02 Skil Flooring Saw
  • Aluminum fence
  • Contractor saw blade 36-carbide tipped teeth
  • Vertical workpiece clamp
  • Dust bag

It’s perfect for when you want to use a miter, perform table saw cuts or embark on your flooring project. This saw can do all that for you and it costs about half the price of a premium table saw. Overall it’s a decent purchase but there are a few drawbacks: for instance the time you spend switching between cross cuts and rip cuts takes a while, and the guides should have had quicker setup (such as can be found in a table saw) but for the price, the manufacturers may have been considering basic functionality as the major factor.



  • Makes solid cuts, can do engineered and laminate flooring with relative ease
  • Lightweight for easy transport and use on a variety of projects
  • Durable aluminum miter and rip fence


  • Not a premium product, however it’s good for the price range
  • Takes too long to go from cross cuts to rip cuts
  • The glide bard will rust rather quickly when left in a wet or damp environment


Final Verdict

The Skil 3601-02 Flooring Saw is a good product for your average flooring project. Most users agree it makes wood flooring much easier and quicker, and it’s popular among many DIY’ers. For users who want a simply solution for home flooring, this is an excellent purchase.


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